BiCiclope City

BiCiclope City

BiCiclope City

BiCiclope City, il dispositivo antifurto per le biciclette da città

BiCiclope Race

BiCiclope Race

BiCiclope Race

BiCiclope Race, il dispositivo antifurto per le biciclette con manubrio da corsa

Anti-theft device

An anti-theft device inside your bike.


A smartphone app to locate stolen bikes.

A network

All the details on stolen bikes are stored in the cloud and shared by all the users who can build up a network and help each other.

Follow the bike economy

A fast-growing sector


A technological and social anti-theft system

Fight and prevent bike thefts

Too many stolen bikes do damage to everyone.

Bikeconomy in Europe is worth 200 billion euros. 14 million people in Italy use their bicycle at least once a week, 5 million use it as their every-day preferred means of transportation. 1.6 million bicycles are sold every year. 317 euros spent on average in Italy, 530 in Germany and 791 in the Netherlands.

See: Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper on bikeconomy

BiCiclope combines innovative technology with a social approach in order to fight the problem of bicycles thefts. Anti-theft sensors installed inside the bicycles and smartphone apps create a social network that helps you find stolen bicycles. This will generate an active network of people that help each other and fight bicycle thefts.

About 1000 bicycles stolen in Italy every day, causing 150 million euros worth of damage. According to other estimates, even as many as 3000 a day (2016). Italy being the worst in Europe, but it is a big problem also in the Netherlands, France and the UK.

See: FIAB survey on bicycle thefts.

BiCiclope is a project made by Telamone Srl

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